Integrated Management System


Excellence on a daily basis, to improve continuously.

ipac Imeguisa (Portugal) is managed using an Integrated Management System for quality, the environment and safety in accorance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regulated and certified by TUV Rheinland.In all of our actions we are seeking customer satisfaction. Our employees are the quality tools whichmake it possible to successfully rise to the challenges which we come up against every day on the basis of an ethical approach and dedication, binding together a partnership commitment which puts us in the position of being a solution rather than an option.

Our Integrated Management System is an integral part of our every day at all levels of the organisation of the business which is present in all operations effected by Imeguisa (Portugal) with the aim of achieving maximum quality with a minimum impact on the environment which is a key factor in our successful ongoing improvement.

Continuous improvement to the management system in conformity with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001 is a policy at Imeguisa (Portugal) with constant efforts made to achieve the highest levels of quality through which the following guiding principles of continuous improvement were established:

Customer Satisfaction

Being aware of market demands related to customer expectations, anticipating their needs so as to create a lasting relationship of mutual trust between the parties.

Satisfaction of Suppliers

Mantaining a healthy relationship of mutual trust with our suppliers which allows the establishment of a partnership relationship which encourage the development of business opportunities by ensuring improvements in the quality and efficiency of the service provided.

Employee Satisfaction

Promoting improvements and personal and professional motivation employees incentivising their participation in the implementation of actions which are aimed at improving quality and maintaining a working environment which is adequate to the requirements of their professional performance.

Satisfaction in Business Processes

Promoting continuous improvements in processes in order to provide products and services with greater added value for the customer through:

  • The study and investigation associated with the development of innovative solutions to be applied in storage and logistics of major businesses to improve their productive circuits;
  • Undertake the measurement, monitoring and continuous assessment of the targets and indicators established to improve the performance of the business while constantly analysing the degree of compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2008.