Ponto Único

Improved operator accessibility, greater optimisation of assembly operations.

The Ponto Único system is perfect for application to any type of process where the optimisation of intermediate storage between the supply and the assembly line is applied having the function of storing and transporting any type of part or component maximising the use of space according to FIFO storage criteria.

The concept of Ponto Único is based on a closed circuit in which the user and the part never leave the suspension guide, where all parts are located by means of hooks on the carts (mobile component with rollers) which permit the transport of the parts in isolation and using gravity travelling in a straight line or along curves to the specific area for unloading onto the assembly line which is the lowest point on the descent.

The selection of the guide which unloads the cart or part is made by means of a pneumatic actuator controled by the operator on the assembly line to their work station.

Greater accessibility for the operator, better returns on the assembly line.

With this Imeguisa Ponto Único system,  ModulPipe-system and ModulPacking-system solutions are produced for operator access to the assembly operations cycle which make a notable contribution to the optimisation of space and time.

Selective distribution of components with the most suitable supply.

The Ponto Único is based on the philosophy that the part goes to meet the operator rather than the operator seeking out the part to optimise supply, storage and transport so that assembly is more opportune and efficient.

More safety on the logistics process and greater return on resources.

With the Ponto Único, there is no need to have recourse to stackers or other systems of motorised transport systems which improves safety and optimises resources.