Maximum recourse to space, maximum efficiency on the production and assembly line.

Shop-Stock, is a system of optimisation of internal logistics between the production line and the assembly line which permits the maximisation of recourse to available space comprising two elements. Carts and racks which carry the parts and the intermediate storage between the production line and the assembly line.

The Shop-Stock system is based on a closed circuit where using the carts and racks, the parts are loaded onto rotating and intermediate supports known as guides (aluminium profile), the parts being located on support hooks or cellular plastic bags which are suspended from specific technical accessories known as rosaries (mobile components with rollers carried on the alumium profile) which control the advance of the parts to the operator on the assembly line who is permitted accessibility in adequate space and time.

Better accessibility, higher logistics profitability.

The Shop-Stock system contributes for a remarkable optimisation of space and time, ensuring a continuous provision flow.

Adaptable for any industry.

The Shop-Stock system, developed for parts and components on vehicle assembly lines is also applicable to any other type of process and in any industry which use rotary intermediate storage as an option between the production line and the assembly line.

Better safety in the logistics process and greater return on resources.

With Shop-Stock, there is no need to use stackers or any other system of motorised transport systems which improves safety and optimises resources.