ModulMove-system – New Imeguisa’s AGV Standard Model.


We announce a new develoment in Imeguisa’s AGVs portfolio as new model with improved capabilities and advantagens for industry operations has been launched.

This new model was designed to face more complex operational situations with higher safety requirements. With larger configuration options, this AGV is flexible, versatile and easily adaptable to different logistics processes in distinct industrial environments. Defined as a Standard model, this equipment is prepared to face the most demanding conditions.

Main advantages:


High level of ergonomics.

Main body designed to provide the lowest height possible, in order to improve ergonomics for workers in the production line.

Easy to use and control.

Equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen interface displaying several data about the equipment performance along with several setup and control functions.

Improved navigation performance.

Designed to face complex layout conditions, with room restrictions, the AGV is able to make 180º turns with a reduced turning radius. It is also able to perform backward trajectories.

Higher Safety Level.

Equipped with a high sensibility laser scanner, this model is programmable with up to 16 scan fields, adjustable to different areas regarding whether it navigates in a low or high risk area.

Effective handling reduction.

Combined with specific gear, this AGV allows to create a supply circuit totally human free, allowing to significantly reduce the amount of handling on the logistic process.

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