Customisation is the order of the day in the vehicle industry. On a regular basis, the major vehicle makers launch products which are able to be fully customised by the customer, whether for their colour or the interior etc., the objective is to increasingly supply products with which the customer feels identified. On the other hand, this implies major constraints at the production level of the vehicle which needs to be versatile to the point of producing a different vehicle every time one leaves the assembly line.

In line with this new trend, Imeguisa has produced a solution which permits flexibility of the assembly line in the sense of being able to produce models with completely different features in the same space.

The Transtocker is a system of intermediate storage which operates on the basis of the concept of a large, dynamic stand which permits the storage of parts or components at height, organised at different levels and which are supplied individually to the assembly line by means of commands from the operator. This allows a single assembly line to be able to assemble vehicles with completely distinct features for example with a choice of colours or components.