The challenges from our customers are our inspiration.

A Group which since the 1980s has built itself up to have several manufacturing and sales units from its origins in what is now its head-office in Ormáiztegui, and including the company Liuz which supplies a range of turnkey products for equipment for installation in office-buildings, libraries etc., the Conrack company in San Esteban de Gormáz in Spain which specialises in the design and manufacture of racks and containers on a major scale along with the Imeguisa production units in Morroco which serve the car assembly industry.

During the 1990s the growth of Imeguisa – Industrias Metálicas de Guipúzcoa, S.A., drove the establishment of Imeguisa (Portugal) – Indústrias Metálicas Reunidas, S.A., a business which is autonomous and independent from head-office in Spain and which since its founding has become the unit with the highest growth rates in the entire Group and specialising in the supply of equipment for Intra-logistics, with heavy stress on the personalisation of every project and providing personalised solutions to fulfill the needs of its customers. While stress is being placed on our capacity for the provision of services and the fulfilment of demanding delivery dates, during the 2010s, Imeguisa (Portugal), successfully expanded into the North and South American continents along with Northern Europe with major customers in Argentina and Mexico which resulted in the formation of Imeguisa (México), which has a majority equity holding from Imeguisa (Portugal) and an integral part of the Imeguisa Group.