We are demanding of ourselves
so that we can be effective for you.

Principles and Values of the Imeguisa Group:


Our Mission

  • The focus of our attention is the customer;
  • Complying with the customer´s needs with the quality of our products, equipment and services, carrying out innovative, reliable and transparent processes focusing on excellence and the satisfaction of our customers;

Our Way

  • We are a successful group which produces sustainable solutions;
  • We are open, sincere and enthusiastic, we celebrate our successes and learn from experience;
  • We are insistent in our ambition to achieve excellence and we put our dedication into everything that we do;
  • We work as a team and value the contribution from each member to minimise bureaucracy;
  • We never cease to be equitable and consistent among ourselves;

Our Responsibility

  • We share the Group´s strategy and always keep our role clear within it;
  • We have clear targets, adequate resources and freedom to achieve them together with an accurate valuation of our performance;
  • Our comportment is always serious, treating our colleagues with integrity and respect the same way as we treat the environment;
  • We have an objective which is to extend our knowledge, training and professionalism in all that we do;
  • We always seek to give the best of ourselves and to assume responsibility for all that we do;
  • We are competitive and reliable during the development and production of our equipment;

Our Aims

  • We will make an effort to be the leaders and to satisy and retain our customers through the establishment of solid and sustainable relationships;
  • We seek to be an attractive commercial partner to our suppliers and to gain their respect;
  • We will work together to increase business to the benefit of all parties;