How Do We Work?


Each case is unique and therefore our service is personalised.

Every business has its own systems with their particular ways of working and therefore our solutions are designed and developed in accordance with the needs of each customer. We work in collaboration with the customer in open communication with the objective of collecting as much information as possible to ensure a clear understanding of the problem and the targets to be reached so that we can develop an Imeguisa solution or set of solutions which are best suited to each case.

Technology and Engineering

The Imeguisa Group has accumulated a great deal of technical and industrial experience by being able to respond to the differing Intra-logistic needs of our customers. The specialisation and technological innovation of our group of companies is applied to new concepts of management and the use of the right tools to prioritise the requirements of our customers.

When we approach functional design solutions and customised products we are currently using market leading programmes such as CATIA V5, integrating it with Windows so as to cover all of our customers´ requirements which allows us to approach complex projects and incorporate developments of our design engineering into other logistics and transport systems from the service industry and businesses.

Our 3D developments produce designs, lists of materials to be supplied, production sequence and quality control sheets so as to be able manage and control the manufacture of the projects at our production facilities.


In a highly competitive market where our customers require greater quality and service investments need to be made constantly in technolgy so that we remain at the forefront of the development of the product, in improving production and extending productive capacity. As a consequence it is vital to maintain a rate of growth such as that of the Imeguisa Group over recent years which has allowed the company to remain at the cutting edge of technology for our business activity.

Our technology philosophy is latent in our manufacturing processes due largely to the many changes in production methods: new CNC manufacturing facilities, cutting and punching production lines, pipe bending and profiles with assisted programming, new robotic welding facilities all of which contribute to increasing our flexibility and reducing the time needed to respond to our customers´ requirements.


At Imeguisa, in addition to designing, manufacturing and promoting our equipment and products, we provide our customers with an integrated service as we are aware of and attend to their requirements, we undertake the whole project of the different installations and to avoid the customer having to worry about any aspect, we provide a complete turnkey project development service.

Ask us about how to make improvements and we will be more than happy to help.  Just ask us.