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The concept of Intra-logístics refers to the movement of stock on the premises of manufacturing facilities, distribution centres or warehouses. In practice it is about the process of reception, storage and issue of stock from the time of arrival up to their dispatch from the premises. In the meantime, its coverage and its impact on the business are greater than can be explained in this brief description because the logistical dynamic of a warehouse or a manufacturing facility does not take place in a two-dimensional perspective where the materials arrive in one direction and leave in the opposite one in order.

Rather, it is about a more complex reality where different suppliers simultaneously deliver various items to be warehoused, transformed and prepared for internal customers before subsequently being dispatched to external customers and the reality is three-dimensional, complex and dynamic where organisation and optimisation have a fundamental role in the productivity and profitability of the activity in question.

An well structured and organized Intra-logistics reduce the quantities of material in the logistics flow and makes the process more speedy and reactive, with costs reduced with a significant impact on the results of the business.


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