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All of the versatility of polypropilene with greater resistance.

The ModulPacking-system is a packing solution which is light and resistent for the optimisation of the transport and handling of components on production lines.

Conceived in Polypropilene with a honey comb structure, the packaging is manufactured without recourse to external or metalic attachments being finished with ultra-sound welding and using a continuous PVC profile the design of which has been patented providing improved strength and resistence to twisting or impacts while simultaneously permitting stacking with high axial loads to retain its multi-purpose features and allowing solutions to be designed for innumerable purposes in all types of industrial activities.

Greater versatility.

From smaller and simpler structures to larger and more complex concepts, the ModulPacking-system packaging, permit the configuration of solutions for innumerable purposes in any type of industrial activity.

Better organisation.

With packing and packaging solutions completely adapted to the product and the process, it ensures better organisation on the production line.

Better productivity.

With the components duly organised and packed it optimises the production processes with gains in time and efficiency.

Better returns.

Its improved resistence gives the material greater longevity and reduces the costs of replacement for new equipment.