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Simplifying processes to increase

The ModulPipe-system is a modular construction system based on ABS clad steel pipes which permit the selection of the shape and colour required for a production line. Due to their simplicity of construction and versatility in applications, the ModulPipe-system permits the construction of specific solutions for production lines in any sector of business.

Ease of construction and great versatility.

With static or dynamic structures which may be fixed or mobile, the ModulPipe-system has a large range of options which permit individualisation of the load to be carried, the logistics circuit on which it is to be deployed and the material which it will pack which may be more or less sensitive and personalises the option for use.

Greater efficiency in the processes.

The racks and other equipment in the ModulPipe-system reduce the time and optimise the processes for supply and collection of components increasing the efficiency of the production line.

Greater return on the equipment.

Being modular, the system is easy to modify and adapt for new functionalities in line with changes to the production line or storage and reducing the costs of the acquisition of new equipment.

Ideal for optimising the principal internal logistics processes.

Due to its multi-purpose properties, the system is able to follow the principal logistics processes (Just-in-time, Kanban, Kaizen, Sistemas Karakuri) for any area of business.