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Storage at height with greater flexibility for production.

This is a new concept of dynamic rack which stores and makes available the components mechanically, which may automated and which makes the best use of the available space in the warehouse or the factory.

Improved returns on storage.

By allowing for the storage of components at height the Transtocker assures greater storage capacity and maximises the return on space and reduces the associated costs.

Guarantees a continuous flow.

Due to the great capacity for storage and by functioning as a dynamic rack, the Transtocker guarantees continuous supply to the assembly line.

Greater efficiency and flexibility on the production line.

Permits the storage of different types of components on a single structure which are organised on different levels and made available to the operator by means of a simple command, guaranteeing greater flexibility in supply to respond to the personalisation requirements of the production line.

Greater safety and ergonomics.

Transtocker permits the elimination of transport using stackers or other systems of transport on production lines to significantly reduce the risk of accidents while simultaneously facilitating more ergonomic use on the part of operators to increase safety and productivity.