Cloakroom Lockers

Armário roupeiro


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Solutions which are adaptable to a range of requirements.

The company supplies a wide and diverse range of cloakroom lockers for sporting facilities, industrial bathrooms, schools, hospitals, the armed forces or locker rooms for public or private premises, providing solutions which can be adapted to a variety of uses (ski, snowbord, golf, laundries, changing rooms, cleaning, restaurants, hipermarkets, domestic,…).

Quality in manufacture.

Our cloakroom lockers are made from laminated steel sheets finished in epoxy powder paint to ensure the highest resistance and durability levels.

Selection of finishes.

With mono-bloc or removable versions with a variety of configurations and capacities and a finish and accessories for any more specific or customised purpose, our solutions are simple or for more exclusive uses.


The lockers are produced in sheet steel with hidden hinging and the potential to opt for a variety of closure systems including lock and key, padlock or coin insertion and ensure the security and protection of belongings.