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inteligent transport, for more efficiency on the production line.

This is an inteligent transport system used for the distribution and collection of components on logistics circuits which is autonomous and with minimum human involvement.

With recourse to transfer racks on the  ModulPipe-System, specific containers, or other packaging solutions, the AGV – Automatic Guided Vehicle permits the optimisation of supply operations together with the movement of loads in the warehousing of any type of industry.

The AGV has the potential to be programmed to work autonomously on a single or a variety of routes for the delivery or collection of components, increasing efficiency, safety and productivity on the production line

Greater safety.

Due to its safety features the AGV significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

Increased efficiency in delivery times.

Loading and unloading is programmed to ensure accuracy on the distribution circuit and thus increases productive efficiency. The AGV delivers  Just-in-time.

Increase in produtivity.

The AVG permits improved management of human resources on the production line and provides greater profitability and the optimising of processes.